The Weekly Menu eCookbooks

Hi there!  So you need to eat gluten-free?

I understand.

Eating to avoid gluten can be daunting at first, but then you might be lucky enough to realize how important what you eat actually is.

Creating a customized diet with whole real food was the best approach for me.  We removed gluten and eventually casein and dairy plus lots of other chemicals, pesticides, dyes, preservatives…

Then we switched over to goat’s milk and that opened up a whole new world.  Yes please, fried goat cheese!

The food we eat is the most important decision we make on a daily or weekly basis for our health.  But it should also be fun and delicious, too!

I wanted to clean up and healthify our favorite comfort foods.  Our food journey started out with three digital eCookbooks I wrote in 2014.

  • The Weekly Menu I (The First Six Weeks)
  • The Weekly Menu II (The Winter Edition)
  • Gluten-Free, Casein Free Favorites in The Weekly Menu Cookbook

They document our journey from a life of eating mostly comfort food to making healthier choices full of flavor and nutritional value.  There are tips for avoiding potential sources of gluten cross contamination, too.

This blog is a continuation of that journey.

And boy have we come a long way.

The eCookbooks are available on Amazon Kindle (click here for the links) and Google Play/Google Books for Android.

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The Weekly Menu II

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What People Are Saying about the eCookbooks!

“I absolutely love this cookbook! When my husband first discovered that he had gluten issues, I found it incredibly daunting and difficult to try to alter our menu in a way that allowed for my family to still eat meals that were easy to prepare, quick, didn’t require substitutes that I couldn’t pronounce, let alone find at a normal grocery store, that were diverse and interesting in their variety, but that also tasted good and was something that my toddler actually wanted to eat. Thankfully, this book has given me so many options. The steps are easy to follow, the ingredients easy to find, and the food tastes amazing. On several occasions my pre-schooler stopped playing to come into the kitchen to ask what smelled so good and to look at the food cooking.” – Caitlin

“When I first started out on the gluten free life I was shocked by how difficult the recipes seemed. I had been cooking for many years, yet still had trouble making sense of the strange ingredients and difficult instructions many of the recipes contained. We lived on stir fry and steamed vegetables for the first six months until I realized that since I already cooked mostly with whole foods converting my favorite recipes was not as difficult as I had feared. We need more books like this to calm the fears of people just starting out and answer that dreaded questions, ‘what on earth am I supposed to eat?’ Thank you Deana.” – R. Robbins

“I am an absolute connoisseur of gumbo – I have made hundreds of variations and have had it in many restaurants over the years – nothing – I mean nothing is a good as the recipe for the gumbo in this book – it is simply without equal.” – James H. Larkin II