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gluten-free onion rings at wilder wood

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Gluten-Free Eats in the ATX Hi everyone!  I made a list of our favorite gluten-free restaurants in Austin, Texas.  It’s really nice to live in a city with so many options! I’m super sensitive to cross-contamination so gluten friendly or gluten free-ish places didn’t really work for me.  But lately I’ve been impressed with how knowledgeable chefs and staff are and how easy it is to safely eat out.  And so many 100% gluten-free kitchens are popping up. Sometimes we’ve had to sit down with a manager and talk to them about food preparation and potential cross-contamination.  We had a great experience at many different restaurants around town that aren’t necessarily thought of as gluten-free restaurants. Whereas we probably ate at PF Chang’s in The...