Gluten-Free Meatless Grilled Burgers

We grilled the gluten-free Beyond Meat plant-based burger patties and served them on Schär gluten-free hamburger buns and were totally impressed by both!

gluten-free Beyond Meat plant-based burger patties on Schär gluten-free hamburger buns

The Beyond Burger

So this isn’t a recipe or paid partnership – I just wanted to tell you how good these gluten-free meatless grilled burgers are!

We are trying to eat less meat in general. And we plan a Meatless Monday dinner every week so I have lots of veggie dishes on the blog. My latest exciting copy cat was a veggie version of Southwestern Egg Rolls from Chili’s appetizer menu.

There are awesome dips like pimento cheese or artichoke spinach dip. Fried goodies like fried artichoke hearts or fried mozzarella cheese sticks. Served up with a nice marinara sauce or yogurt Ranch dressing.

There are delicious rice dishes that can be paired with beans and veggies to make awesome meatless burrito bowls. Like Tex-Mex rice, Cilantro Lime Rice, Mexican rice and Ranch Style Beans. We have a smoked gouda and broccoli rice dish that is to die for! The list goes on…

But I’m not a fan of the veggie burger. During my vegetarian years, I tried a ton of veggie burgers and just never really like them all that much. I’m picky, I know.

gluten-free Beyond Meat plant-based burger patties on Schär gluten-free hamburger buns with lettuce, onions, pickles and tomato

But I had not yet tried these plant-based burger patties from Beyond Meat. Before Memorial Day weekend, Wheatsville stocked lots of Beyond Meat products in the freezer section. They are mainly made with pea protein. But they are made without soy or gluten and they are non-GMO. We like that!

So we thought, why not give them a try?

I’m so glad we did! These gluten-free meatless grilled burgers actually tasted and felt like I was eating meat. I would eat them again. I wasn’t mad at all. Actually a little excited about having grilled “burgers” on Meatless Monday slash Memorial Day.

Gluten-Free Meatless Grilled Burgers

Grilling the Gluten-Free Meatless Burgers

Before grilling, we thawed the meatless burger patties in the fridge overnight.

To cook them, we heated up the electric grill and grill pan. We put a little steak seasoning and salt on the patties. Then cooked them for about 4 minutes per side (until internal temp is 165 degrees F).

We found the gluten-free hamburger buns at Central Market and they seemed a little small at first. But the burger fit perfectly. We toasted the buns under the broiler for a few minutes. Then added a little lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and ketchup. The buns weren’t my favorite. A little dense and dry. But overall pretty good meatless burger.

Want More Ideas for Gluten-Free Meatless Monday Meals?

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