Weekly Menu Plan April 4, 2016 #glutenfree #menuplanning

The Weekly Menu April 4

So how are you doing friends? For me online school at Johns Hopkins is going well and I’m learning so much in such a short amount of time (thank goodness). The rising cost of tuition is a real thing – each class I’m taking costs as much as my entire freshman year at UT in the 1990s. Crazy. I’m so thankful for access to federal student loans (and yes I have a lot of student loan debt)! I can’t imagine what it is going to be like in 20 more years if we don’t find a way to make education accessible for everyone…

For me the financial investment is worth it because I am going to get to do something that I’m very passionate about! I 100% love this world of bioinformatics – the cross between computer science and biology – and genomics.

Now that the human genome has been sequenced, medical treatments for disease can eventually be based on your personal genetics instead of general protocols. This is such a big deal!!! And they are sequencing all the bacteria that make up our microbiome and deciphering how we evolved together, which will reveal so much about mental health, digestion, disease, biodiversity… it is so very exciting! I’m planning on taking an extra class just to learn about Metagenomics in the fall (and to qualify for student loans).

BUT MOST importantly, this week my nephew finally turned the corner and came off the ventilator. It brings great relief and peace to my heart. ? He is not 100% in the clear yet but he has fought so hard for his life since the tragic pool accident on 2/13. I’m so grateful for the way the community has supported him and my brother’s family – it is truly incredible. #teamdominic

So since we have to do this weekly menu, are you ready for the mostly organic and non-GMO (because we are avoiding potential glyphosate contamination in soy, corn and other foods), dairy/casein free (except for the Parmesan cheese), totally gluten free, real food weekly menu for the first week of April? Sometimes I’m really tired but it’s always gonna be dinner time… and I need to keep it clean as best as possible or everything starts to go a little haywire.

Here is the weekly menu for the week of April 4:

Meatless Monday – Tostadas (nonGMO El Milagro brand) with Black Refried Beans (HEB or Amy’s organic and in nonBPA cans) & Fajita Seasoned Grilled Veggies (organic bell pepper, jalapeño, 1/2 large sweet onion and zucchini)

TuesdayThai Beef Salad (we haven’t made this in a while so we’ll be changing out the GF soy sauce to nonGMO GF liquid aminos minus 1 tbsp + organic brown sugar and fresh basil growing in the patio garden again)

Wednesday – Sausage & Cabbage (using 1/2 this recipe from bellyfull.net as a guide, Aidells sausage, the other 1/2 of the sweet onion and substitute local wildflower honey for the sugar)

ThursdaySpinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing and Roasted Chicken

Friday – Pot Roast with Carrots, Mashies & Gravy

Saturday – Visiting Friends & Dinner Out

Sunday – Chicken Soup with Dumplings (using the base recipe for chicken stock with chicken and a new recipe experiment for dumplings made with tapioca/bean blend GF all-purpose flour)

Breakfasts/SnacksCranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Shopping List April 4

Since you’ve been asking for shopping lists, I created a PDF shopping list to go with the weekly menus (click the green link ‘Shopping List April 4’ above). Make sure you check all the ingredients and verify they are gluten free! ??

Just remember my recipes are usually enough for two people (who like to eat) with a little leftover sometimes for lunches. Most of the basic recipes are in The Weekly Menu eCookbooks or on the blog in the Recipes section, but we are doing a little experimenting with old recipes this week trying to clean them up a bit. As always, I hope you have a great week everyone! ❤️


Deana Larkin Evans

Hi! I’m Deana. This food blog is all about cooking wholesome real food and developing gluten free recipes for some of our favorite comfort foods. I also create weekly menus to save time and money while reducing stress and food waste. I had to start eating gluten-free in 2010 and dairy/casein-free (except for the occasional Parmesan or goat cheese) in 2014. I’m kind of a science nerd, too. In the ’90s, I earned an undergrad degree in biochemistry from The University of Texas at Austin. Hook ’em! Then followed up with a PhD in biochemistry and a law degree from the University of Houston. I recently earned a certificate in genomics/sequence analysis from Johns Hopkins University, where I also took a very cool food microbiology course.

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