The Gluten-Free Weekly Menu Sept. 21 #menuplanning

White Bread

Hi everyone! And welcome to our new followers! I hope you find some inspiration for cooking at home. We use real food and unprocessed ingredients to make simple and naturally gluten-free meals (casein-free/dairy-free, too except for a little aged Parmesan here and there because for some reason it doesn’t bother me). It’s been an interesting journey as my husband and I transitioned from eating a lot of comfort or “junk” food to much cleaner cooking where we use fresh veggies, lean proteins, healthy grains and lots of spice! Our allergies are better, my digestion is better, the aches and pains have subsided, my mind is sharp and I’m so happy and excited about the future. The struggle is over if I just stick to a clean diet.

To make my life easier, I create a gluten-free weekly menu every Sunday so that I don’t have to worry about what we are going to eat that week. It helps me use up proteins and veggies so that we don’t end up throwing anything away – especially veggies like cabbage and fresh herbs like cilantro or parsley. And if I can’t use up all the parsley or cilantro, I chop it up and put it in an ice cube tray then cover with good quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and freeze it. I like to freeze cubes of tomato paste (from a jar or BPA-free can because I haven’t made my own yet) and fresh lemon juice and lime juice as well. It’s nice to have these in the freezer to just throw into a meal so I’m not always doing so much prep work.

If you look through some of the March menus, I’ve also incorporated shopping lists. You can see how I allocate out the veggies and proteins over a few weeks. There is a method to my madness. Most of my recipes have been culled down to serve two people, usually with a little leftover for lunch the next day depending on how hungry I am the night before. ? Or as in the case with the gumbo, I make a huge batch and freeze it for lunches.

Anyway, here is the casein-free (except for the Parmesan cheese) and gluten-free weekly menu for Sept. 21:


Meatless MondayBlack Bean Soup/Chili & Mexican Rice (some left over in the freezer from two weeks ago)

Thai Turkey Burgers

TuesdayAsian Turkey Burgers on Homemade Hamburger Buns & Roasted Spiced Potatoes

Wednesday – Asian Chicken Salad (working on a new gluten free recipe)


Thursday – Chicken Andouille Sausage Gumbo & Basmati Rice (in The Weekly Menu I & Cookbook)

Grass-Fed Sirloin

Friday – Grass-fed Sirloin Steaks; Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Parmesan Brussels Sprouts (the Parmesan is not casein-free & recipes are in the eCookbooks)

Saturday – ? Taco Night

Easy Meat Sauce

SundayEasy Meat Sauce with Mini Lasagna Noodles (the Parmesan cheese in not casein-free); Carrot Cake Muffins (breakfast for the week)

Have a great week everyone! And remember that the Kindle versions of my eCookbooks are ON SALE for 99 cents and $1.99.

Deana Larkin Evans

Hi! I’m Deana. This food blog is all about cooking wholesome real food and developing gluten free recipes for some of our favorite comfort foods. I also create weekly menus to save time and money while reducing stress and food waste. I had to start eating gluten-free in 2010 and dairy/casein-free (except for the occasional Parmesan or goat cheese) in 2014. I’m kind of a science nerd, too. In the ’90s, I earned an undergrad degree in biochemistry from The University of Texas at Austin. Hook ’em! Then followed up with a PhD in biochemistry and a law degree from the University of Houston. I recently earned a certificate in genomics/sequence analysis from Johns Hopkins University, where I also took a very cool food microbiology course.

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