The Gluten-Free Weekly Menu Feb. 9


Well now that football season is over, what am I going to do?  Just kidding.  As it warms up it will be fun to get outdoors on the weekends and check out some of the cool stuff going on in Austin. Valentine’s Day falls on Saturday this week and to be very honest, I’m not a big fan of commercialized holidays – especially this one.

In college, I worked for a florist during Valentine’s day and the weeks leading up to it. I understand it’s vital for small businesses like a local florist but at the same time there is so much unnecessary craziness that Valentine’s day brings. People buy so much crap that is wasteful and gratuitous.  Do you really need that teddy bear made in China?

When we first started dating, I asked my husband if we could bypass the gifts and that I didn’t want cut flowers because I had read that they were causing suffering in other nations (you can read the Vanity Fair article here). So we exchanged cards but he felt so bad not buying me anything that he came home with a potted flowering plant. So sweet. That’s my favorite type of gift – thoughtful and not wasteful.  These days we are comfortable not making any purchases on Valentine’s Day (but he does surprise me with orchids and mini roses now and then).

Now we do use the holiday as an excuse to cook up something special!  So I think we’ll bust out the grass-fed sirloin steaks with faux Béarnaise sauce and roasted spiced potatoes. Yum!  So here is the casein-free, gluten-free weekly menu for February 9:

#MeatlessMondayVegetarian Orange “Chicken” Cauliflower from

Roasted Veg, Kale and Chicken Soup

Tuesday – Roasted Veg, Kale, White Bean and Chicken Soup (will blog the recipe)

Brussels Sprouts Salad

Wednesday – Chicken Schnitzel & Brussels Sprouts Salad (The Weekly Menu I & eCookbook

Thursday – P.F. Chang-y Turkey Lettuce Wraps (new recipe experiment)

Friday – Dinner out

Steaks with Faux Béarnaise

Saturday – Grass-fed Sirloin Steaks with Faux Béarnaise Sauce, Asparagus and Roasted Spiced Potatoes

Singapore Street Noodles

SundaySingapore Street Noodles; Sweet Potato Cinnamon Muffins (The Weekly Menu II & eCookbook)

Hope you have a great week! 🙂

You can find more fall & winter recipes and menus in The Weekly Menu II eCookbook (some of those recipes still use cheese, too if you can eat dairy or casein).