The Gluten Free Weekly Menu June 14

It’s been a long month moving from Houston back to Austin, TX.  It’s crazy hard to move when you have to eat gluten-free and dairy-free.  It took a lot of planning but I managed to get through it without getting glutened and I’m so grateful for that!

Moving Day

Now we are getting settled in and it is time to start cooking and writing again.  And planning our weekly menus – here is this week’s dairy free, gluten free weekly menu:

Saturday – Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing (super greens trio instead of spinach); Grilled Chicken
Almond Mini Muffins

SundayEnchiladas Verdes; Refried Black Beans

MondayPotato, Cauliflower and Leek Soup

TuesdaySouthwestern Black Bean Taquitos with Guacamole and Salsa

Wednesday – Broccoli Chicken Brown Rice (made with Almond Milk Alfredo)

Thursday – Pot Roast; Carrots; Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Friday – Asian Turkey Burgers; Roasted Cauliflower



Deana Larkin Evans

Hi! I'm Deana. This food blog is all about cooking wholesome real food and developing gluten free recipes for some of our favorite comfort foods. I also create weekly menus to save time and money while reducing stress and food waste. I had to start eating gluten-free in 2010 and dairy/casein-free (except for the occasional Parmesan or goat cheese) in 2014. I'm kind of a science nerd, too. In the '90s, I earned an undergrad degree in biochemistry from The University of Texas at Austin. Hook 'em! Then followed up with a PhD in biochemistry and a law degree from the University of Houston. I recently earned a certificate in genomics/sequence analysis from Johns Hopkins University, where I also took a very cool food microbiology course.

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2 Responses

  1. My high school buddy is gluten free as well, though he seems to be able to take a small amount of it occasionally without a problem. Have you heard of the hygiene hypothesis? I heard a story on NPR about a guy purposely infecting himself with ringworm to cure his allergies and it worked! (Or at least he thought so) Crazy, right? Best, DH
    • That is so crazy. I've heard of research using worms to help but I don't think I could do something like that! :) It sucks though because I'm so sensitive to gluten, even the smallest trace will make me very sick. Dr. Fasano is a leading researcher in the field and is working on a pill that might help limit the effects of cross contamination. I'd be much more likely to take that!